Real Estate Devlopment

Wadi Barada Souk

Wadi Barada Souk

Established Decision No : 1577
Estab Lished Date : 29/5/2014

It is located between tow mountains, Al Nabi Habil mount from the western southern side and Ein Al Farha mount from the western northern side, overlooking on valley covered with trees, passing through it Barada river. It is about 30 Km from Damascus western northern. It is 1035 m above sea level.

 Area:36.8 Hectares

Population:12880 people

Number of the proposed housing units:2576 units

Administrative subordination:Damascus Suburb Governorate

Purpose of the project:
It aims to build a residential area:
Villas , and popular houses ( Multi –storey and towers) with all relative social, economic, sport and educational services. Choosing the project site outside the borders of Damascus city aims to reduce the load from the infrastructure of the capital ( resources and traffics) through establishing a self sufficient community, to be adapted with the neighboring urban environment. The residents will get the opportunity of residing and work in the various projects of current and future neighboring region Real Estates:
They are outside the prohibition areas and sanctities and outside the touristic areas and regulatory area. They are state property.
The real estates are free from all works, obstacles and military occupancies.
The road connection: Availability of road connections and sources of water , electricity and phone.