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Ref Dimashk / Al Dimas ( Telal Dimashq )

Location: It is located in the Western side of Damascus suburb governorate, about 25 Km from the Damascus city. It is stretching on mountainous and hill lands.
Area: 284 Hectares
Population: 28400 people
Administrative subordination: Damascus suburb Governorate
Purpose of the project: The real estates development program of the region aims to prepare divisions for building and equipped with all requirements of the infrastructure. Then the project will gradually turn into a modern town enjoying all the comfort and safety means and abiding with standards of the sustainability with capacity of 30.000 people.
Real Estates: Collection of the real estates are private property to Bana Company for administration and development. They are outside the prohibition areas and sanctities and outside the regulatory.
The road connection: Availability of road connections.
The project will be executed in three stages :
• First stage /2012-2017/ Project 1 to 6
• Second stage /2017-2022/project 7 to 11
• First stage /2022-2027/ Project 12 to 15
Total of necessary estimated investments to execute the real estate development program is 150Billion Syrian pound ( prices of 2011)