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General Commission of Development and Real Estate Investment

It is general commission that hast Administrative type , legal character , financial and administrative independence is called general commission of development and real estate investment.
It relates to minister of housing and constructive development Its center is Damascus may establish branches for it in governorates .


Creating and developing integrated constructive communities enable its inhabitants to enjoy with better level of living .


Choosing the most suitable location to establish real estate development zones and handle randomized settlement regions to rise levels of social and living conditions ,encourage investors to contribute in real estate development and reconstruction


Regulation activity of real estate development , participation in execution urban development polices land directive regional planning .
promote role of the national private sector and foreign , Arabic and local investment in the building and construction process with a view to contribute to the following .
construct integrate residential cities and suburbs.
provide the required lands prepared for construction construct of specialized and cognitive services areas .
Development and rehabilitation of a residential area in the list of organization plans .
Handle randomized settlement regions according to the concept of sustainable urban development .

General Commission of Development and Real Estate Investment